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Established years ago, we “Maxstor” are among the prominent manufacturers and supplier of a comprehensive array of Fire Resistant Cabinets, Mobile Compactor Storage Systems, Heavy Duty Racks, Shelving Rack, Industrial Cabinets and Lockers, Industrial Racks and Storage System, Electronic Safes, Regular Cupboards and many more. We have been able to set up a firm foothold in the industry by offering products of unsurpassable quality. Our offerings are respected for offering high utility to the clients, that too in a highly cost effective manner. By using just premium quality materials and complex innovation in the maker of our items, we guarantee that the coveted quality principles are kept up. These items are subjected to quality tests in view of different parameters and just those items that passage acceptably on all parameters are made accessible to the clients.

Since our inception in this domain, we have been focused on providing the most advantageous satisfaction to our clients. For that reason, our experts attempt true endeavors to comprehend the correct prerequisites of the clients and devise approaches to satisfy these necessities in the savviest way. Attributable to our emphasis on keeping up long haul associations with the clients, we have turned into the favored decision of countless.

Overview of Compactor Storage System

The main idea here is to reduce the floor space prerequisite between two fixed racks and use this space to hold more racks. Here the racks are mounted on the controlling tracks which permit forward and in reverse movement. This sort of course of action requires just a single passageway for access and storage and recovery of material.

Maxstor offers to the client’s ultimate kind of mobile storage system with the latest Easy Glide technology for a noise free, effortless and smooth operation for years together. The system offers security of put away material and ends up being extremely cost effective. This system requires lesser space than traditional racking frameworks/cabinets. It can set aside to 60% of floor space contrasted with traditional static racking or can expand the storage capacity limit by right around 100%. The system coasts on steel tracks and comprises of versatile base units onto which distinctive racking choices can be amassed. At the point when a specific rack is required, the suitable path is opened up by mechanical or electrically determined bases. Just a single walkway is required to benefit various racks.

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Specification and Benefits of Compactor Storage System

  • Space Sparing: Ordinarily up to 60% space sparing because of single aisle for different racks.
  • Elevated Storage Compactness: Because of single path, storage room accessibility increments by about 80% in an indistinguishable region from that of ordinary racking.
  • Safety: Stored material is secure from dust, break, external influences or robbery and inherent system features make sure security of worker.
  • Decreased human exertion: Very less human endeavors required for moving the racks with overwhelming burdens.
  • Simple to find the material: A rundown of put away material is accessible on an acrylic sheet holder on one side of the rack. These recoveries about 30% time of the client.
  • Individual locking racks: Allows access to multiple racks simultaneously.

Unrivaled Features of Compactor Storage System

  • Solid and accuracy created racks utilizing excellent material
  • Definitely built guide rails, apparatuses, sprockets and chains for smooth, twitch free development and low commotion or vibrations
  • Fixed heading with lifetime grease
  • Sheet metal cladding, guaranteeing security from clean, harm or robbery
  • Position locking of racks amid use to guarantee administrator wellbeing
  • Finish system can be bolted to avoid unapproved get to
  • System requires insignificant upkeep

Industries we serve and the sectors where the Compactor Storage System is used


Logistics Sector

The main motto to the profitability of the logistics sector is the most advantageous consumption of the accessible space and a secure and immediate storage and recovery mechanism. The extra automation, the extra is the self-assurance given by the clients in logistics companies. Our offered storage solutions with optional material handling automation expertise and experience will make sure the most premium level of automation for logistics companies. Add to this our stockroom administration framework and we have a total distribution center robotization answer for conveyance generous business advantages to the coordination’s business.

Manufacturing and Automotive Sector

Our storage solutions, for example, Carousels and Lean Lifts are perfect for both, close generation line storage and robotization of central stores. Customers can utilize our solutions for storage of crude materials, in process stock or completed merchandise, or extras and machine instruments. We can propose a solution in view of your item, recovery time and different particulars notwithstanding the accessible space on your shop floor or in your stores region. Packaged with our stock administration programming, which can be coordinated with existing ERP and different system, this turns into the most far reaching and savvy solution for the manufacturing enterprises. Various multinational organizations utilizing our items would vouch for this.


Health and Pharmaceutical Sector

Our products can be modified to meet precise temperature and other environmental circumstances requisite by the Pharma or health sectors, thus catering to precise product and authoritarian necessities of the sector. We before now have numerous companies in this sector on our client list.

Banking Sector

Banks have an enormous number of documents pertaining to customers, authoritarian fulfillment or numerous others that necessitate being stored in secure, hygienic, fire free environment. Add to that the issues associated to security and honesty of documents, rapid recovery necessities and our Carousels for document storage is the solution that just suits the need. We can have custom locks, RFID based way in control mechanism on our solutions to make sure the security of files and documents. Our document storage solution comes packaged with software, which can also act as impartial document management system or can be incorporated with accessible systems.

Why Choose Us?

We are affianced in exporting and supplying the best quality products to our valued clients. Our presented products are known for most advantageous quality and consistency in the market. The key factors for which we have established admiration from our clients all across the globe include:

  • International quality standard range
  • Well equipped manufacturing facility
  • Customized packaging
  • Competitive prices


Our Flourished Range of Products

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